Best Use Auto Parts Warranty Information

Best Use Auto Parts Warranty Information

Warranty​ Disclaimer

Everything you need to know about your warranty disclaimer.

Perfect Fit

We at Best Use Auto Parts guarantee that the quality of all our merchandise will meet or exceed expectations.

Warranty Period

We offer a standard 60-day warranty, from the day
you receive the shipment.

Exchange Offers​

If you received a damaged part, the team at Best Use Auto Parts will provide a hassle-free exchange.

Certified OEM

We deal only with 'A' grade OEM parts directly from dealerships across the nation.

We offer a complete 60-day warranty for all "A Grade TESTED OEM" parts from the day of delivery, as we understand that shipments get delayed due high order count and changing freightliner, Excluding 7-10 Business days. In the case of a defect or damage, we will repair or replace the faulty product during the warranty period, in accordance with the limitations specified below. We do not cover shipping amounts or labor.

Engine Block

Engines are complete assemblies including Manifolds, Oil Pan, Timing Belts and Covers, Fuel Injection or Carburetor. We guarantee only the long block. The manifolds, gaskets, seals, hoses, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor, are not covered under warranty. Orders of “Block Only” (Short or Long Block) are guaranteed to be rebuildable only.

Transmission Assembly

We guarantee that it will shift properly, gears to be good and bearings to be good. Thoroughly clean all components of the transmission including the oil pan before assembly. Replace oil and filter in all automatic transmissions. You must replace ALL seals and gaskets before installation. Flush & flow test cooler and lines. Fully engage torque converter in-front pump. For manual transmission, you must install a new clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder. You must also have your flywheel turned in before installation. Fill and check the fluid to ensure proper levels.


Accessories such as but not limited to Turbos, Starters, Air Compressors, Alternator, Power Steering Pumps, Optical Distributors or Electrical Water Pumps are usually not included nor under warranty in regards to the sale and/or warranty of an engine. If these parts are purchased separately they will be under warranty. Other items that may need to be replaced are the Water Pump, Distributor Cap, Spark Plugs and Wires and possibly the Timing Chain. Best Use Auto Parts will not be held liable for these parts listed as they are considered high-wear parts.

Electrical Parts / Transfer Case

Electrical items such as Engine Computers and Body Control Modules, Transmission Modules, Transfer Case Modules are only guaranteed to have the correct manufacturer part number and are not sold for testing purposes and hold a warranty of 60 Days from the date you receive it.
All electrical items have a replacement warranty only. Up to one replacement will be sent to rectify a non-working module. Modules may need to be reset by the dealer. In the event, this is required the part cannot be returned until verified by the dealer that the part has been reset properly. Electrical parts that have been modified in any way will not be refunded.

Doors & Seals

Seals in Turbos are not guaranteed to be perfect. These seals may need replacing during the warranty period. Doors are complete assemblies however they are not guaranteed to come with such accessories as windows, window regulators, handles, hinges, or interior panels. We only guarantee the door shell.

Body Parts

Other body parts such as Hoods, Fenders, Bumpers, Quarter Panels, and Header Panels are not guaranteed to come with Hinges, Hood Ornaments, Latches, Trim, Headlights, or Grilles. Specific Colors may be requested for body parts, but a color match is not guaranteed. We recommend that body parts be repainted to match your vehicle. Body parts that do not match the color of your vehicle will not be available for return for that reason.