Prepare Your Vehicle During Spring!
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Prepare Your Vehicle During Spring!

Lea Petric
May 23, 2022
Spring is the season of new beginnings. The blossoming of flowers and the chirping of birds are the signs of the spring season. We all enjoy driving during this season with the windows down and listening to our favorite songs. There are a few tips to get your vehicle running during Spring so that nothing can come between your ride and you!

Scan/Check Your Cooling System
During the winter season, we do not use the cooling system of our vehicles. So it's a good practice to keep checking your cooling system before or during the spring season. By doing that you get a better idea of the cooling system, which is the most important thing during the blazing hot days of summer.
* Check the radiator or hoses for any cracks or leaks.
* Make sure that the levels of coolant and antifreeze are at least half full.
* Be sure that all the connections are proper and tight.
As the temperature starts to rise up, it is important to make sure that your car's cooling system is in good working condition.

Change the Oils
Oil plays a very important role to keep running your car smoothly. During winter most of the cars use thinner oil because it flows & starts easily but when the warmer spring season arrives it's best to change the oil and use thicker oil.
* Windshield Oil: During winter we tend to use more windshield wiper oil to clean windshields of salt and other winter dust.
* Engine Oil: Engine Oil tends to protect the engine from wear and tear, so it is necessary to keep your engine oil full.
* Brake fluid: Brakes are a crucial part of any vehicle, and brake fluid keeps the break smooth and fast. If a break does not have enough oil or fluid then it'll probably take more time and effort to stop.

Check Your Tires
Nearly all cars in the USA have all-season tires. Even though these tires are reliable and safe in most climates, they aren't safe as snow tires. All-season tires tend to stiffen during the cold, which can cause cracks and damage.
* If you have winter tires then replace them with all-season or summer tires now.
* Winters are known for generating potholes and other dips and bumps, which can cause your wheels out of alignment and a host of problems. To avoid all these issues it's better to get an alignment checkup for your tires.
* Evaluate the depth of the tire's tread and make sure that no tires are balding.

Inspect Your Windshield Wiper
Between snow, ice and salt, the icy cold winter can be harsh on the windshield wiper. It is advisable to change your windshield wiper every season, especially when the rainy season is coming. Up and running windshield wipers will boost visibility and decrease the risk of an accident.

Check the Car Battery
The standard car battery lasts 4 to 5 years. Any vehicle/car battery works extra during extreme hot or cold weather which can drain the battery. So don't wait for your battery to die during the inappropriate time, be responsive and change/replace the battery.

Vehicle/Car Wash
Many of us take our car/vehicle for washing and waxing so they gleam in the spring sunshine. Washing and waxing your car from the outside is as important as washing/cleaning it from the inside, so don't forget to have the underbody spray or cleaning.