Tips to Make Your Car Run Forever
Tips to Make Your Car Run Forever

Tips to Make Your Car Run Forever

Lea Petric
May 31, 2022

It's always the little things that make the big difference, and mostly this is true when it comes to cars. Gradually small problems with a car can pile up and lead to big problems but when you start taking a few small steps here and there, it can help to extend the life of your car. Don't worry we have tried to cover a few topics with this blog. 

Pay Attention to the Engine
The engine is the heart of your car. The more healthy you keep your heart, the much healthy will be the body. When soever you find anything unusual or strange with the engine, better you get it checked immediately. Any kind of sound from the engine or any sound when you start the car can indicate a major problem, which will only get worse with time. If you see the engine's indicator light is up, take account of getting your engine checked.

Change the Oil and Fluids Regularly
While the engine is the heart of the car, oil is the fuel that makes it run. So if you ignore the oil completely then it is guaranteed that you are making a disaster which will lead to failure of your engine, and that will be expensive to change. It's best to read the manual and get check the recommendation on how often to change the oil. Other than engine oil, other fluids are also important to get checked and change when needed.

Don’t Store Heavy Objects
Your car is not a long-term storage, there's no good reason to keep heavy objects in your vehicle/car all the time. Due to this excess weight of your car, the tires and the suspension can wear out fast. It is always okay to transport the objects which will fit in your car, but always keeping them in the car can damage it slowly. So it is better to search for a place to keep all these extra objects, and also try to park or keep your car/vehicle in the garage rather than out on the street.

Avoid Revving During Starting Up
As the engine is the heart of your car, it is more important to handle it with care. Revving your engine not only during start-up but also anytime during driving is not healthy for your car. It will affect the fuel efficiency and also the overall performance of the car. First thing when we start the car, we all love to hear that roar but our car needs some time (like 30 minutes or so) to pump up, same as you need in the morning. If your vehicle is parked or at the same place for past 24 hours or more then try to give it more time to warm up.

Maintain Your Car’s Battery
The battery is the main source of power in which your car runs, so maintaining your car's battery is important. When it comes to the car's battery, it should be clean and warm. Put the water carefully either through the funnel or bottle because it allows you to control it. It is always advised to drive your car at least every three days, otherwise, it'll drain down your car's battery.

Check Your Tires
Tires are the main four pillars of a car, it is recommended to keep checking the pressure gauge to make sure that each tire has the proper PSI. Ideally, the tire's pressure should be checked every other week. It is very important to check for the alignment of your car tires, if it is toed in/out then get it fixed. With alignment also have a check on wheel balance. Get a check if the tires are in good condition or they started wearing out.

Follow Your Vehicle's Service Schedule
Following the schedule may seem like no-big-deal, but it is a good habit if you want to increase the life span of your car. Each and every car come with the owner's manual, in which the manufacturer maps out all the service you need to do and also tips to keep an eye on all the stuff. Without any failure get the service done, anyways it's always a good idea to get your car checked up by an experienced professional.