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Best Use Auto

Welcome to the official, global website of “Best Use Auto Parts" (BUAP). One of the leading suppliers for Used &Upcycled Auto Parts in the United States. A source that gets your vehicle back on the road and running, within no time.

We are nationwide dealers, who source only the finest upcycled original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts for your automotive needs. We offer an extensive selection of used auto parts with one of the largest inventories nationwide, through all class segments.

Every order is assigned a personal agent, who handles a bespoke service to exact specifications. We understand the complexity of automobile engineering and simplify it for you to obtain the correct part for your need. In your search for auto parts, you will find guidance from us in every step you take. Check out our online store and special offers, and get in touch with questions or requests.

Whether it is an OEM recycled engine or a turbocharger for your vehicle, we’ve got you covered! We verify the order before processing and ensure that we are all in agreement with you and/or your mechanic before shipment.

We do not provide installation, but we’re always available for a helping hand or any further assistance (call +1 206 333 2373) that may be required in decoding the exact specifications and finding the right part that you’re looking for.

We deal with multiple certified mechanics across the country on a daily basis who are ready to work with us.

We only follow environmentally-friendly practices, which helps us in building a better motor-world.Your data is highly confidential with us and would only be used for improving customer service, ensuring that you have a secured purchase, and that all your orders are fulfilled in the best way possible.

We strive to reduce global waste. By participating in such an important cycle, you contribute to reducing valuable resources that went into manufacturing this rehabilitated part. So, thank you!


Choose from a wide range of options:
Less than 30K Miles
30K-60K Miles
60K-90K Miles
90K-120K Miles
Less than 150K Miles!


Best Use Auto Parts
guarantee that all auto parts are from the Original Manufactured Dealers in the United States!


Best Use Auto Parts
offers various seasonal discounts. To know about the best on-going offers, request a quote now!


All units are systematically
tested & inspected and actual image of the product will be sent for your approval before shipping.

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Client Image

Stacey Andrew

"I purchased an Engnine for my Land Rover Range Rover. John made it so easy and secure for me.5 Star!"

Client Image

Drik Aguilar

"I bought a transmission for a Mitsubishi out-lander from Tom and it was all good,no complaints.thanks for a professional service"

Client Image

Jason Rivera

" I’ve been dealing with them for years and they are very professional also Ask for Tom every experience I’ve had with him has been great"

Yolanda Mitchell

"I called best use auto parts looking for a motor for a 2004 GMC and the customer service was great. They worked with me very digitally to find the right motor, however, was not able to. But in good faith they gave me a full refund and I was satisfied with that. I would recommend them to other's with no problem. Thank you."

Jenny Krisan

"We received our transmission on time. Customer service was always willing to help and answer all our questions."

Peter Lawford

"I purchased a 2008 BMW 550i transmission and had it installed, now the car runs great, with not a single issue. Might be a touch overpriced, but it was worth it."

Darren Love

"These guys are what the name says!! Best Auto parts, and that’s no bull!! I bought a engine and parts from these guys and no issues out of neither. I will continue going to these guys for all parts for my vehicles."

Marshall Williams

"So far so good, had the wrong shipping address emailed them and they called right back to confirm the change and contacted the shipper for me. Thanks."

Kim Robin

"This is a great place for your auto parts needs. Their customer service is amazing and they go out of their way to make sure the customers are satisfied with the service. I recommend it 💯"

Con Rogers

"My husband bought a transmission from best use auto parts great place to work with. It Is supper. Thanks again, Dan"

Ned Saint Anne

"Excellent! Highly recommended! Very good price and service! Mr. Tom the person who took care of all the processes for the engine I needed for my 2013 BMW X3 very professional Thanks, will buy more in the future needs for my cars."

Melissa Ramey

"Ordered a used engine from them and they took the time to test it and make sure everything was in perfect condition, their response time for any questions is really quick and my engine (70k miles) is just purring in my 2013 dodge journey like a brand new car!"

Deandre Gucci

"Fast delivery and the best reliable part for you at BEST USE AUTO PARTS. BEST COMPANY WITH GREAT PRICES."

Roselle Lewis Jr

"I ordered an engine and transmission from best use auto parts. Which was shipped quickly they email me and text me the info on my order and sent a picture of the motor and transmission to let me see it before they ship it to me. Customer service responds fast and go beyond helping you with any problems you may have thanks a lot. Would order again from y'all in the future."

Allen Johnson

"They even made a replacement fast and easy."

Yolanda Mitchell

"I called best use auto parts looking for a motor for a 2004 GMC and the customer service was great. They worked with me very digitally to find the right motor, however, was not able to. But in good faith, they gave me a full refund and I was satisfied with that. I would recommend them to others with no problem. Thank you."

GabandTj Fahy

"GT auto has been doing business with best use auto parts for the better part of a year now their parts come with a warranty it comes with prior knowledge of running and condition I would highly recommend doing business with best use auto parts Tom is who I deal with all the time"

Harold Brown

"I bought an engine from best use auto and these guys were great the prices Dan gave me are very good prices and fair so do check the best auto before you go out and buy from anyone else, These guys are great 👍 👌"