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Buy Drive Shafts that transmits torque from your vehicle’s engine to the wheels It’s essentially the shaft that drives your vehicle get offers on any used OEM driveshaft’s today Drive shaft is a rotating shaft which transmits torque in an engine. A drive shaft, driveshaft, driving shaft, tail shaft, propeller shaft, or Cardan shaft is a component for transmitting mechanical power and torque and rotation, usually used to connect other components

This part is responsible for delivering the torque, or power, that is being made by your engine and sending it to the correct area. The types of drive shaft used in the automotive industry. Some common symptoms of damaged Drive Shafts * Unusual or knocking Noises * Issue during turning * Extreme vibration or shuddering * Vibration during acceleration

Drive shaft which is also known as Propeller Shaft or Prop Shaft is actually works as a back bone of your vehicle. It's essentially the drive shaft which drives your vehicle. It transmits the torque from your vehicle's engine to the wheels. Drive shaft transfer the torque at different angels between driveline components. The shaft assembly must be flexible because drivetrain axles vibrate up and down and also move laterally with braking and acceleration.

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