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Cylinder Heads

The cylinder head may be classified depending upon the layout of valves and ports. There are mainly three types – Loop-flow type, offset cross-flow type or in-line cross-flow type. In the loop-flow design, the inlet & exhaust manifolds are on the same side which helps pre-heating of the intake air

Types of Cylinder head Cylinder heads can be classified depending upon the layouts of the valves and ports. There are mainly three types of the cylinder heads: * Loop-flow * Offset cross-flow * In-line cross-flow Nowadays the rising costs of remanufactured or brand new parts (dealership) takes more out of your pocket and if the parts are installed even once they'll be considered as used. All our used cylinder heads we provide are tested, inspected and certified by our own mechanics and come's with standard warranty. Finding any used cylinder head(Engine) will be five-finger exercise with

Have you ever imagined, what is the cylinder head and what it does to your car? Yes! Come let's get an answer, The main work of the cylinder head in your car is to close the combustion chamber of the engine from top. As the name says it all, it sits above the cylinders on top of the cylinder block. It is the key to control the air flow in and out of the cylinders and fuel deployment.

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