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Anti Breaking System (ABS)

Finding used anti-lock braking systems:

Four-channel/four-sensor, three-channel/three-sensor and one-channel/one-censor BUAP provides all kinds of ABS 

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) help you steer in emergencies by restoring traction to your tires.

What It Does: Helps prevent wheels from locking up – possibly allowing the driver to steer to safety.

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Did you know the anti-lock braking system can stop more quickly than conventional brakes on wet or slippery surfaces, which prevents skidding or accidents. Studies show that the vehicles with ABS system are 35% less likely to be a part of accident or collision than vehicles without ABS System. If you want to include your vehicle in that 35% then go ahead and add ABS system, now if the issue is where you'll find a good quality ABS system at cheap pric e then we suggest you go for a used ABS System. Because nowadays the rising costs of remanufactured or brand new parts (dealership) takes more out of your pocket and if the parts are installed even once they'll be considered as used. We do understand your concern about the used parts, That's why all our used parts we provide are tested, inspected and certified by our own mechanics and come with standard warranty. Finding any used parts will be five-finger exercise with

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Want to drive your car with more stability and control, then you should probably consider adding an anti-lock braking system to your car. Anti-lock braking system is an advanced level system which averts unpredictable skidding of the vehicle on wet paved surfaces and on icy or packed snow-covered roads. Anti-lock braking system monitors your car's wheel speed, if by chance your car's wheel lock-up or when the wheel stops and starts to skid then ABS sensor detects it and sends a message to the controller which further applies the brake up to 20 times per second to prevent lock-up and helps you to gain the control of your vehicle. Anti-lock braking systems are quite advantageous, this system is most essential among modern vehicle safety features.

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